Araphos™ - waterproofing membrane

ἄῤῥαφος - araphos

Araphos  (ar'-hraf-os) is a Greek word meaning "without seams" or "of a single piece". Thus, the perfect name for our multi-purpose waterproofing membrane used for a variety of construction applications. This unique spray-applied polyurea coating can conform to a design of any shape or size, resulting in a seamless water and air barrier. Araphos  replaces out-dated technologies such as bitumen or asphaltic based products and single-component urethanes. Araphos  is compatible with all building systems currently in use in the construction industry.  Make a seamless transition by switching your primary method of water infiltration protection to SprayBuilt's Araphos  today.

Araphos  can be used over metal, concrete, timber and composite building materials. It can be applied at extremely low temperatures and repairs or patches from abuse on-site are seamless and guaranteed.

Araphos  requires no protection board when subjected to normal construction site traffic.

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