MetalPro™ - Anti Corrosion System for Steel Bridges and Structures

MetalPro™ is an anti-corrosion coating system for the protection of steel bridges and structures.

METALPRO™ is a long-lasting anti-corrosion coating for use as an encapsulant of existing lead-based paints. Ideal for restoration of iron girder bridges and preservation projects, MioxPro™ eventually develops the look of sandblasted copper, brass or aluminum, assuming a truly natural and organic appearance that is enhanced by age. MioxPro™ was originally developed for and is still primarily used on new bridge construction projects over both concrete and metal substrates. MioxPro's™ ability to fully adhere to a variety of different substrates makes it truly unique and diverse, eliminating the use of multiple conventional products often required to compensate for transitions in structural materials. MioxPro™ is applied as one seamless waterproof membrane and has an expected service life of 25 years with an excellent product and application warranty. MioxPro™ is manufactured by SprayBuilt® and is exclusive to SprayBuilt® Service Centers worldwide. SprayBuilt® Contractors have been trained and certified as pre-approved applicators of SprayBuilt® products and are qualified to install this reliable two-part system. SprayBuilt® implements stringent inspection and quality control programs to guarantee performance.

Learn why MetalPro is an environmentally friendly choice and get more information on bridge preservation coatings at the following link; or for current projects and a historical review of the use of various coatings in bridge conservation use the following link;

For answers to any questions regarding this product, please feel free to contact a MetalPro™ technical representative; or visit the MioxPro™ main website.

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